Greenville 1989
Greenville 1989

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Greenville 1989 is a horrific and narrative cooperative game, for 3 to 6 players, which lasts 30 to 60 minutes.

In this game designed by Florian Fay and illustrated by David Sitbon, you play the role of ordinary American teenagers living in Greenville at the end of the eighties. You often spend your time hanging out together, but tonight strange things start to happen around you, and everybody is gone!

But everything is not lost! You notice that you can communicate with your teammates by thoughts. No time to lose, you decide to meet each other at the rendezvous point in order to escape together...

From 3 to 6 players, age 16.     30 - 60 min
A game by Florian Fay - Artwork by David Sitbon
Greenville Cards

How to play?

Each round a different player takes the role of the Guide. This player secretly associates the card that matches the most the story of all characters in play.

Once the Guide has made their choice, the other players discuss together to find the card associated to their character. If they do so, their adventure will continue, and they will have a chance to meet each other at the rendezvous point, but if they don’t, their character could fall into madness!


How to win?

If the card association is wrong, the card is discarded, and the character token progresses one space on one of the 3 Passages to Other World, which will trigger the defeat of all players if a character reaches the last space of a Passage.

If the card association is right, the player takes the card and places it in front of them: this card represents their adventure. When all players have 4 cards in front of them, they win the game!


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Game components

- 1 board representing the Passages to the Other World
- 84 cards
- 6 small Character boards
- 12 Character/Wandering tokens and 2 Ectoplasm tokens
- 5 Character validation tokens and 1 Ectoplasm validation token
- 5 Object tokens
- 1 Guide token (the Game Master)
- 1 Rulebook